Happy Halloween

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The thing about blogging is you need to figure out what you want to blog about, and to be truthful I don’t feel comfortable blogging. Not yet anyway but maybe it will be something that will grow on me as I go along. I sure hope so! Anyway I’m sitting here thinking that today is Halloween. There are many important topics about this spooky day that pet owners should be aware of, but instead of blogging about them I think I’ll talk about my problems. Why doesn’t anyone respond to fantastic promos (in my opinoin) that we come up with for clients and their pets.

Today is Halloween and we came up with a pretty simple idea to celebrate it. Stop into the clinic with your pet and receive a treat if your pet is dressed up we will take its photo and post it on face book. At the end of the day the pet with the cutest costume will receive a goodie bag! This sounds simple and easy right? I thought so but it is 10:30 am and no one has yet walked through our doors. I’m so sad, it seems so easy to me I mean who wouldn’t want a treat for their pet? Who doesn’t want to see their pet’s photo on face book? Of course I’m clueless as usual. Does anyone else ever have these great ideas (in my opinion) and it flops?

Maybe I’m over reacting I mean it is only 10:30 am! There is still hope that we will get cute little ghost and goblins through our door. I hope so because this is a part of the job that is so much fun, getting to socialize with clients and their pets. Well keep your fingers crossed just maybe this event will not be a flop! Wait I think I hear the door open, could it be….?


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

    Sutures and Sand said:
    October 31, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    I am also very self-conscious about blogging. I am not a very good writer, and was terrified when my blog went public. Now I am getting more confident as I get feedback and more views. Plus, it gives me something to do…

    Also, I am working at a pet store temporarily and we had a Halloween trick or treat event with different treats set up around the store and craft station for children. They got a free reusable bag and various treats and dogs in costume got their picture taken for a costume contest. My managers were expecting a ton of people and only 7 dogs showed up…one child went to the craft station. However, I believe they DID show up because the winner of the costume contest got a $25 gift card to our store… you might need to up the prize?

      genevavet responded:
      November 13, 2013 at 2:49 pm

      Thank you for your advice and next time I will give that a try. I liked your idea about having treat stations thoughout the store that was clever!

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