Pancreatitis: “The Holiday Disease”

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By: Dr. Christi Hanzel

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With the holidays just around the corner there is one disease in particular that I worry about with your pets….Pancreatitis. Our pet’s pancreas works very similar to ours in that it secretes different enzymes to help with the breakdown of food.  When our pets, especially dogs, are given table scraps of yummy Thanksgiving turkey or wonderful Christmas ham we are putting them at risk for causing the pancreas to become inflamed and develop into pancreatitis.

Throughout my years at Geneva Veterinary Clinic I have seen several dogs and a few cats that come into the clinic for being sick with pancreatitis. Oftentimes owners will describe their dog or cat as being lethargic, not wanting to eat, vomiting, and being uncomfortable or painful. With quick in house diagnosing, and proper treatment all of these animals were able to fully recovery, and go home. However, if left untreated or not properly treated, pancreatitis can quickly become fatal to your pet.

Please do your pets a favor this holiday season and avoid feeding them your favorite holiday foods…their pancreas will thank you!!

For more information regarding pancreatitis please go to:

Pancreatitis in dogs or

Pancreatitis in cats


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