Meet Our “Diva” Geneva

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Diva Geneva

They call me Diva Geneva; really don’t understand where that came from but whatever. I tag along with my Dad when he decides to come to work on occasions, which is becoming less frequently. I like coming because I don’t know how they get along without me!
This week I have to get my teeth cleaned because everyone is telling me that my breath stinks, how dare they I don’t put anything that doesn’t belong in my mouth. No tasty treats like horse nuggets, or leftovers from the litter box. No way is that my life style!
Anyway I’m getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow. Everyone’s quite the buzz around here about February being National Dental Health Awareness Month. I didn’t realize that so many bad issues could come about because of a little tartar and gingivitis. I overheard my Dad saying that just by cleaning my teeth I could live 2 years longer. I certainly don’t want to be swallowing bacteria from nasty teeth and have it enter the bloodstream to affect my heart, liver or kidneys. I say sign me up and let’s do this on a regular basis possibly every year.
Chloe getting her teeh Clean<
I’m so happy that my Dad watches out for me and makes sure I get the care I deserve!
On a side note my Dad is offering to make getting a teeth cleaning easy for you too! He wants everyone to live longer and healthier so he is offering to clean your teeth for only $199 for the rest of the month and March to. Don’t waste another minute and call us to schedule your appointment.

Dad pampering me